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Christmas Recap: awesome. Mom and Dad are now iPod compatible. My car is also iPod compatible, thanks to my beloved family. They were really tricksy about it too, telling me that they had taken it for a tune-up. Sadly, I was really excited about the tune-up, but the stereo was totally worth it. I also got hair curlers, which my mom can't wait to try out on me. Too bad I don't style my hair.

Some of my Christmas money was spent on these really awesome woodless graphite pencils and some markers, and now I'm teaching myself how to draw (angel wings, currently). Lobean is helping me so much.

I was thinking of something important that has happened, but unfortunately I can't recall it anymore.

My new squishable octopus, Spartacus, is a wonderful cuddle-buddy.
I've found out how Code Geass ends. D: That is the expression of my soul. Maybe Gundam 00 will console me.

In culinary news, there's this amazing restaurant called Chama Gaucha, which is a Brazilian Steakhouse. It has reaffirmed for me that I love meat, and that I am one with my inner carnivore. Mmmmmmmmm.
Fanfic ---> hmmmm, references to the Ender's Game quartet, let me see what wiki says ---> several hours later, remembering why Speaker for the Dead tore me up when I read it oh, five or six years ago.

It's not cool to cry over wiki articles, kids.

Last night, I pondered deeply what I was going to do with all this time squishing me. Read tons of fic? Done that. Go spend time with friends? Unfortunately, a difficult proposition during the work week and when many of them are still away at school. Also, one in the morning isn't conducive to spontaneous get-togethers (unless said spontaneity has already occurred, and witnessed the passing of one in the morning). So I decided to reorganize my room. I was up until about 5 in the morning, with the detritus of my pack-rattishness strewn around me. Luckily, the beast was subdued.

Saturday night was filled with awesomeness, though. I love my friends so much.

Dec. 15th, 2008

I'm so glad it's Christmas break, but I'm running low on internets. Nrrrrrgh.

Dec. 10th, 2008

Duck farmer (breeder? purveyor?) is talking about his favorite duck recipes while holding his duck pet. I love Good Eats.
Mmmmmmmmm, chai. It's so yummy, like a hug for my insides.

After my quest to find the Jeans of Ultimate Awesomeness, it's nice to curl up in my now properly heated room (thank you, silent heater) and listen to the hail outside. It's baby hail!

I'm so fucked for my two finals tomorrow. Maybe the jeans will give me some good juju.

Dec. 8th, 2008

My first final was today. Blurk. Anyway, the hardest two are still coming up, and golly gee, I'm so excited for them.

Anybeans, I'm watching the english dubs of Yami no Matsuei and I can't get over how awful they are. It really takes away from the fucked up emotional scenes when you're thinking "holy crap, trauma kid, why do you sound like a unenthusiastic transvestite hooker?" No offense to transvestite hookers. It just kills the mood a little.

I have so many books I want to read right now, starting with John Hodgman's new book More Information Than You Require. And thanks to wikipedia, I've found this little gem of awesomeness:
Hodgman will be appearing in one of the final 2009 episodes of Battlestar Galactica, appearing as a doctor. He had earlier visited the set in 2005 to write about the show for The New York Times Magazine. A bottle of Edradour given as a gift to the show's producers also appeared in the episode "Crossroads, Part I".
Can it be true?

Supernatural and Other Random Junk

I'm watching Supernatural, the one with the raising of the witnesses and the awesome exposition, and I'm wondering, am I supposed to be moved by the deaths of these annoying-ass people? Because I really wasn't. I spent the episode wondering if they could die a little damn faster. Pretty sure it's because I don't watch this show at all. And Dean, while I like him in an amorphous main-character way, the only time I was really interested in him was during his line about kicking Castiel's ass if he mentioned God's mysterious ways. The rest of the time I was wondering if he ever learned not to get mired in selp-pity and regret, *ever*. I was still vaguely entertained by the episode. I might watch more. It's so much more appealing in fandom though.

While I'm talking about TV, I'm psyched about Lawrence Fishburne joining the cast of CSI, although I will always love Gil Grissom. And is that Elizabeth Weir's actress in Eleventh Hour? My night has been *made*.

And the thought that has been with me all day? I don't think I will ever stopped being amazed by how awesome my comp sci professors are.

It's so sudden

But I feel so much better right now, like I've managed to feel the beauty of the world. The beauty of space, of creation, of the people I love.

Good night, and happy dreams.

Two weeks left...

Until the end of this semester, and right now my program isn't working, I'm missing my friend, wishing I still had the one, and feeling hopeless about a program that's due soon.

I've been doing better about staying positive, but right now it's hard to not be melancholy.